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Department of Informatics, Faculty of Education, University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice, CZ

Department of Informatics

Faculty of Education, University of South Bohemia



Phone: +420 387 773 074

Fax: +420 387 312 194

Head: Jiří Vaníček, Ph.D. , associated professor (

Vice-head: Hana Havelková (

Secretary: Lucie Baumruková (

Members of the Department



The department meets the demand for specialists in the field of Computer Science, Information Technology and Technologies in Education and offers the bachelor, master and doctoral studies in the following programmes:

Bachelor academic programme

  • Specialisation in Pedagogy: Information Technology and E-learning
  • Pre-teaching studies: Information Technology in Education

Master academic programmes

  • Teaching Informatics in lower secondary school level

Doctoral academic programme

  • Specialisation in Pedagogy: Information and Communication Technology in Education

Other intercurricular activities

  • Theory of Information Technology Education for studying programme of Teaching in primary schools
  • Using Technology in Education courses for studying programmes for every pre-service teachers education at the faculty
  • Using Technology in Kindergarden course for kindergarden teachers studying programme
  • Information Technology courses for university students in all programmes organised by the Faculty of Education
  • Lifelong learning courses in Informatics and Computer Assisted learning for teachers
  • Lifelong learning course leading to the qualification of School ICT Co-ordinator



The research is directed to the application of ICT in Education especially

  •  Introducing basics of Computer Science into school ICT curricula at primary and lower secondary school
  • Evaluating of digital computer literacy
  •  E-safety of teachers
  •  Motivation for programming learning
  • Application of informatical processes from business to education
  • Factors influenting creation of presentations
  • Criteria of educational web pages
  • Application of GIS systems
  • Collaboration with other countries by preparing and realizing the national contest on informatics and computer fluency Bebras (local name Bobřík informatiky)